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Prevision.io on the Big Data & AI Paris tradeshow.

On September 28th-29th occured the 10th edition of the Big Data & AI Paris tradeshow! 

This event gathers all the biggest european actors of the Big Data & AI industry for 2 days of conferences, speaking sessions, and exclusive workshops.
Prevision's teams has been fully integrated within this tradeshow and has the opportunity to animate two speaking sessions!

  • "How to manage a credit risk AI model in production" by Gérôme Pistre:

Our first speaking sesions has been animated by Gérôme Pistre, CPO at Prevision.io with the participation of Christophe Enjolras from head of division - Credit risk department at SFIL.

This slot helped attendees understand how SFIL teams could handle to manage efficiently a credit risk AI model in production while keeping its current team.

"What is interesting with prevision, knowing that SFIL didn't have a data science team we could start an AI project thanks to the platform and get new competencies." Christophe Enjolras said.

In terms of ROI, the model created using Prevision.io's platform allowed to  analyze more files-  50 to 70% more each year - using less employees. These people can cover other functions within the company that were outsourced before and were not very secure according to regulator authorities.

"We keep the analyst at the heart of the system but we give him an homogeneous tool and a confidence level that helps us being more secure. This tool will live with our risk policy in the future." SFIL's head of division - Credit risk department affirms.


  •  "Quantum Machine Learning in the NISQ era" by Nicolas Gaude:

The second speaking slot was "Quantum Machine Learning in the NISQ era" animated by Nicolas Gaude CTO and co-founder of Prevision.io. He gave a Outstanding explaination of Quantum computing applied to Machine Learning.

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